Quality and Patina

Fueling our passion for reclaimed wood

Because of the higher quality found in older lumber, as well as its rustic, rough-cut surface patina, ReHistoric Wood Products is constantly searching for wood-built structures that are generally 70 years or older, particularly grain elevators, barns and sawmills. We find that structures from this era are often constructed of rough-sawn lumber that was likely sourced from small local mills that would not have had the equipment to plane or kiln-dry their product. Conversely, we find that structures built in more recent times are typically constructed of surfaced lumber, which is usually ½ inch thinner in dimension than its rough-sawn counterparts. While surfaced lumber has many uses in our product line, the full thickness of rough-sawn material, particularly 2 inch thick stock, offers us far more milling options, resulting in a higher yield of finished product.

We find that wood sourced from elevators has several unique qualities. Years of exposure to the natural oils found in grain and seed stocks, combined with seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, result in an articulated grain pattern with a unique surface patina.

Did we mention, reclaiming wood is a GREEN practice?

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