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New Life for Old Wood

How many times while driving down the interstate through farm country have you gazed off into the distance and seen what appeared to be lonely, metal-clad tower-like structures with belfries scattered across the horizon every few miles or so? If you grew up in a grain-growing state you undoubtedly recognize these structures as "grain elevators," where grain producers and marketers have stored their harvest prior to shipment to market since the days of the late 1800's.

Many of these structures were built at the turn of the 19th century up until right after World War 2. Old-timers in the grain growing states and provinces often refer to them as "Prairie Schooners". Underneath that tin siding you will find beautiful lumber and beams. Most of these old dinosaurs have been abandoned and replaced by large concrete or steel structures. The lumber in the walls of the grain bins, known as cribs, was stacked face-to-face - called "hot stacking" - and nailed every 9-12". We at ReHistoric Wood Products LLC are in the business of carefully deconstructing these buildings and re-using, or remanufacturing, the old growth lumber into floors, paneling, cabinetry, and custom doors, windows, and trim. What was once a liability to farmers, co-ops, and railroads, now is brought back to life. ReHistoric has secured interest in several of these elevators for the future, as we believe the interest in "green" recycled building materials will only get stronger in the coming years. We also have entered into mutually beneficial manufacturing arrangements with local millwork plants, which we selected for their use of the very best woodworking machinery. Another of our goals, as well, is to focus the entire process within a 500 mile radius of Spokane, minimizing the carbon footprint and creating local jobs, which can be beneficial to those seeking LEED or other "green building" certifications.

Due to the standards we have set, and the quality of the raw material and manufacturing process, we are willing to guarantee, in writing, that:

"ReHistoric Wood Products will offer a full refund, for the first 30 days after delivery to the jobsite/customer, and prior to installation, on all or part of your order if you are not completely satisfied"

Managing Member Bruce R Johnson has been in the wood products industry for over 40 years, and actively involved in buying/distributing/marketing various reclaimed woods for the last 10.

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